Comedy Party's flagship show. Comedy Fire is an outdoor extravaganza that features a red carpeted stage, a roaring bonfire, and premiere stand-up comedy all beneath the night sky. What began as an experiment quickly became one of the most popular comedy shows in the Boston. Each Comedy Fire offers its own unique magic. It’s simply the must-see event of the summer! 

For 2019, Comedy Fire teams up with Casa Caña (Latin Kitchen, Rum Bar, Patio) to bring you a truly unforgettable experience. Choose from one of the following ways to experience this event:

$25 | General Admission:
Entry + Show
$35 | Lounge Ticket:
Entry + Show + Reserved Seat + Cocktail!
$75 | Dinner Ticket:
Entry + Show + Table Service + 3 Course Meal!

Join us on one or all of the following Friday nights:

19th | August 16th | September 20th



where is the show located?
1234 Soldiers Field Rd, Boston, MA | Studio Allston Hotel / Casa Cana. The restaurant is located through the hotel lobby. The show is on the patio through the restauant.

Is parking available?
The parking lot is shared with the hotel and spaces are available on a first come first serve basis. Additonal parking can be found on the street or at the nearby shopping plaza.

What time should I arrive?
Doors and dinner are at 8 pm. Vibes will be in full effect. The show will kick off around 9 pm. Come early to enjoy the space!

Can I sit near the fire?
The fire pit is very hot and seating nearby will be limited. You're welcome to stand near it and enjoy the warmth!

How long is the show?
The show will kick off at 9 pm and go to about 10:30 pm. Our event ends at 11 pm but you're welcome to enjoy the bar and patio until 2 am!